Alexandria Malcolm ‘17- As homecoming week quickly approaches, the school stirs with excitement about this year’s theme, “Bulldogs Around the World.” New spirit day ideas bring a fresh splash of something different, but many are confused on what to wear. Here is a quick description of what each day entails:

Monday: Destination Day

Wear your favorite sweatshirt, t-shirt and accessories from a beloved vacation destination or a place you dream of visiting one day.

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day  

The cliche Hawaiian shirt with a camera hanging around the neck would suffice, but if you want to go all out throw on a pair of khaki shorts, tube socks, a pair of old white tennis shoes and come ready to rack up the spirit points at lunch.

Wednesday: Generation Day

Each class imitates a different generation.

Freshmen- Babies, wear the footy pajamas that everyone keeps hidden away until Christmas.

Sophomores- Toddlers/elementary school, break out those Aeropostale clothes that you didn’t know were still hiding in the back of your closet, or perhaps some knee length jean shorts and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunch box.

Seniors- Senior citizens, bring out the curlers, glasses, canes, or anything that your grandparents will let you borrow, and come to school ready to laugh.

Thursday: Class Color Day

Freshman wear yellow.

Sophomores wear green.

Juniors wear orange.

Seniors wear red, white and blue.

Friday: Homecoming T-shirt Day

Make sure to support your school and wear your homecoming shirt to school on Friday! The goal is a sea of white for Friday’s assembly.

“I think the spirit days this year are really original and I know they [student council] put a lot of hard work into them.” Amy Laurie ‘18 said.

“It’s my first homecoming, so I am super excited for everything that comes with it.” Lily Ackerman ‘20 said.

T-shirts and dance tickets will be sold at all lunches starting Monday, October 17th. T-shirts are $15 and tickets are $10, and while down in the lobby buying your shirts and tickets, don’t forget to fill out spirit points!

This years homecoming dance takes place on October 22nd from 7pm to 10pm in the RHS gym.

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