Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: Another weekend passes and another hundred homecoming pictures on Instagram. The season of dress shopping and homecoming proposals springs upon us. For Romeo High School, the 2019 homecoming dance falls on a later date than previous years. 

Students not only accommodate to the new homecoming time, but also the new building that hosts the dance. The new high school leaves students speculating how homecoming compares to past years.

Homecoming week kicks off on Monday, October 21 with the Juniors vs. Seniors Powderpuff game. All throughout the week, students dress according to the planned spirit days to encourage more school spirit. The Homecoming pep assembly and football game takes place on Friday, October 25 with the dance following on October 26.

Students eagerly wait for the day to arrive, considering it takes place later than traditional dates. Scheduled in late October, Student Council members take advantage of the timing, coming up with the idea of a Haunted Homecoming.

“Being that homecoming is much later this year compared to past years, we decided to roll with it and incorporate the upcoming holiday, Halloween, into the dance,” Claire Spitz ‘20, STUCO Vice President, said. “Since there may never be a homecoming this late again, we wanted to have fun with it.”

The new school means fresh starts, while also staying true to Romeo traditions. The dance features many activities from the past, along with a couple of surprises appearing during the week as well as at the dance.

“We are really trying to get more student involvement in spirit days,” Kyle Szdylik ‘20, STUCO President, said. “We are going to decorate more so people feel excited for the week but normal Hoco activities are staying. We are going to try and pull some things off so people enjoy going to the dances.”

Students and staff get excited to see what changes spirit week holds in order to incorporate more of the new building. As homecoming approaches, the excitement builds up until the day students finally get to bust out their shoes and dance the night away.

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