Szlaga ‘22: The week before Romeo High School’s homecoming, students participate in events to boost school spirit and help fund the dance. To kick off spirit week, float building for the homecoming parade occurs. This year, the theme for the dance represents cities around the world. Each grade receives a design following a city to help decorate their float. Seniors do the city of New York float, with juniors creating a Hollywood inspired float. Sophomores incorporate the city of Romeo into their float, and freshmen decorate their float like Los Angeles/Hollywood. On the Wednesday of spirit week, the 13th of October, students prepare for the parade.

Each school day of the week of October 11th-15th, students dress up for certain themes to show spirit for the high school. Dressing up creates a great experience and sets the mood for the dance. This year, the days go accordingly, starting with ‘Merica Monday, where students dress up in red, white, and/or blue. Neon day on Tuesday, wear anything bright and colorful. Country club vs. surfer chill, inspired by the Netflix show Outer Banks. Jersey day, a favorite of many students. On the last day of the week before homecoming, students wear their homecoming shirts designed by the student council. 

Elise Kemp ‘22, vice president of the senior class, helped organize the homecoming dance for Romeo students. “I really enjoy helping plan the dance because it’s great to see all of our ideas come together. I am most excited to dance at the football game on Friday because we are doing a hip-hop routine,” Kemp said. 

Ariyanna Paduch ‘24 seemed excited to see sophomores attend their first homecoming because Romeo did not plan one last year due to COVID-19. “I can’t wait to dress up and spend time with my whole grade. I don’t know what to expect but I know that it will be a lot of fun no matter what,” Paduch said. Sophomores and freshmen go to their dance separated from juniors and seniors to control how many people go indoors at a time.

Nina Orlando ‘22 participates in her last homecoming dance of high school. “I am very excited to see everyone come together since not being able to have one last year. Cities is a very cool theme and I think it will bring good vibes. Sadly, this is our last year but I think this will bring everyone together,” Orlando said.

Romeo High School organizes many events for students to say that their high school experience turned out amazing. Despite everything, all students and admin try their hardest to make sure this year turns out the best.

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