Sarah Fuzi ‘17 – Homecoming is coming fast around the corner this year. Last years Homecoming was a bash and student council plans to do it again. From spirt day, float building, and fresh new Tees, everyone is fired up. Not only that, this year’s homecoming comes with a cute new theme, Smitten With The Mitten.

Spirit days are very simple this year:

Monday: Country day, so grab your flannel and cowboy boots.

Tuesday: Michigan Hotspot day, so wear your favorite t-shirt from different parts of Michigan.

Wednesday: Class color day. Freshmen wear yellow, sophomores wear green, juniors wear orange, and seniors wear red and white.

Thursday: MSU and UofM, so high fans get your green and white or your blue and yellow ready to go.

Friday: Pure Romeo, wear your Romeo gear of red and white.


Floats for this year compose of the four seasons:

Freshmen: Spring

Sophomores: Winter

Juniors: Summer

Seniors: Fall


“I really like our homecoming theme because it is really original and no other school has done it before. We have a lot of creative ideas and it is going to be really fun this year.” Taylor Mueller ‘16, who is part of student council.

T-shirts start selling a week before the dance in the lobby. Homecoming’s set date is October 17. Don’t miss out this year!


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