Abigail Keller ‘16 – As homecoming creeps up once again, girls shop for dresses, book hair appointments, and eagerly wait for their perfect homecoming “promposal”. For girls, preparation starts weeks, even months in advance in order to have everything ready in time and as hoped, while boys simply gather everything together last minute. But with this year’s homecoming an hour shorter, is all this preparation worth it?                                 

“Homecoming is one of the greatest things the high school offers,” Emilee Wichtner ‘16 said. “It’s the one night a year where everyone comes together and has a good time, enjoying some great music and each other’s company.”

With the amount of expenses homecoming brings, students can’t help but disapprove of the dance being shortened. Between dresses, dinners, and tickets the cost easily begins to add up. Condensing the dance by one hour causes students to feel as though they spent too much money and time assembling an outfit and arranging the perfect night.

“I feel like that’s a righteous amount of dancing time being deprived of students and I’m rather peeved,” Cory Mitchell ‘17 said.
Aside from senior prom, homecoming stands as the most expensive event of the year for students. Minimizing it from four hours to three hours is unfair across the board. The amount of time, planning, and money put into this one night should allow students their well deserved time of four hours to enjoy with friends.                                                                                              

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