Giovanna Ruffino ‘19 and Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: Romeo High School’s annual homecoming approaches and this year the traditional trend takes a turn. In the past, the boy asks the girl to homecoming in an extraordinary and romantic gesture. So the question lingers, is the dramatic ‘homecoming proposal’ a thing of the past?

Despite the new trends shown by the seniors, younger couples still employ the homecoming tradition of an extravagant proposal.

One freshman couple, Elise Kemp ‘22 and Seth VonHiltmayer ‘22, plan to attend homecoming together for their first time. VonHiltmayer knows all of Kemp’s likes and dislikes, so he came up with a unique way to ask her. Deciding to make the proposal even more special, he asks her family and friends for advice.

“On a poster board I wrote, ‘I rarely get in my feelings but can you save me “one dance” at hoco,’ VonHiltmayer said.  

A sophomore couple, Adrianna Orlando ‘21 and Blake Woodward ‘21, arrange to attend the dance together as dates.

“I got Adrianna flowers and wrote ‘I can’t picture homecoming without you’ with pictures of me and her,” said Woodward.

A junior power couple, Maxim Jarmoluk ‘20 and Tory Petit ‘20, prepare to go to the dance with one another. Jarmoluk asks his girlfriend, Petit, to homecoming for the second time, he thinks of it as a simple task to create an idea which she loves.

“I know her too well, I decided to order pizza in the shape of a heart, with the words ‘can I have a pizza you at homecoming’,” said Jarmoluk.

As for the seniors, the significance of the homecoming proposals seems to fade over their four years of high school.

Nick Nelson ‘19 plans on attending the dance with his girlfriend, Rachel Hopp ‘19, without actually asking her.

“Although Rachel and I have only been dating for 4 months, I feel a real connection and we both believe it is not necessary to ask,” said Nelson.

As homecoming season rolls around, freshman, sophomores, and juniors quickly come up with a plan when it comes to proposals, while seniors fight the social norm of the large, extravagant hoco proposal. RNews wishes everyone a safe and fun homecoming.


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