Austin Taseski ‘21: The process of getting prepared for the homecoming dance varies between boys and girls. Each gender considers different factors as they get ready. But the questions arise and ask why such a disparity exists. For example: do girls take longer?, do their dresses cost more?, do the boys have a harder time getting ready?, do they buy a tuxedo or vest and a bowtie or just a regular tie? Rnews went out and interviewed students to find answers.

“I bought my suit two weeks ago, and it cost about 110 dollars,” Kenny Jesnig ‘21 said.

Boys not only buy shirts and pants, which alone cost a hefty price, but also invest in shoes, ties, and other accessories. Along with these and others, boys consider everything for the important event.

Jesnig completes a small thirty minute simple routine to prepare for homecoming.

“I shower, I dress, put on cologne and deodorant and do my hair. That’s it,” Jesnig said.

To boys, the process all depends on the accessories and the outfit. Another large burden on boys resides in the responsibility of buying their date a ticket as a classic chivalrous act. In contrary, other girls disagree and claims it doesn’t matter.

Stereotypically, girls tend to spend a lot of money on homecoming: dresses, hair and makeup professionally done, shoes, jewelry, etc. The price for girls seems to add up fast.

However, Jordan Paver ‘19 bought her dress for a reasonable price.

“I bought my dress two weeks ago and it cost $80 dollars,” Paver said.

Based off of the typical stereotypes, most individuals automatically assume girls pay the larger bill when it comes to homecoming; however, Jesnig’s suit outmatched Paver’s dress by $30 dollars.

When it comes to makeup, girls carry much more on their plates than you might think.

“I am doing my hair and makeup by myself and I think it will take me about an hour and a half to get ready. I do my hair first, put hairspray on, then makeup, then dress,” Paver said.

The process girls practice might seem daunting, but pays off in the end.

At the end of the day, the process and cost of homecoming depends on the individual and circumstance. Rnews wishes all Romeo High students a fun and safe homecoming week and dance.

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