Abby Buchanan ’14 – Entertainment Editor

The annual homecoming parade will take place Wednesday, October 16th. The parade will begin to travel down main street at 6:30. The parade will consist of four floats to represent each grade and their color along with several other Romeo clubs and sports. Be sure not to miss the parade Wednesday and show school spirit!

Parade Line Up:

  1. Car with Bulldog

  2. Band

  3. 2013 King and Queen

  4. 9th grade cheer

  5. 9th grade court

  6. 9th grade football

  7. 9th grade volleyball

  8. 9th grade float

  9. Amanda Moore students

  10. JV cheer

  11. JV dance

  12. 10th grade court

  13. JV football

  14. JV volleyball

  15. 10th grade float

  16. Hevel students

  17. Powell Cheer

  18. 11th grade court

  19. 11th grade float

  20. RMS boys intramural

  21. Indian Hills students

  22. Varsity Cheer

  23. Varsity Dance

  24. Varsity volleyball

  25. 12th grade boys court

  26. 12th grade girls court

  27. 12th grade float

  28. Varsity Football team

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