Allyson Berrios ‘20 & Haley Golembiewski ‘20: Homecoming: a week long event that all culminates with one night of dancing. How much planning really goes into this night?

It’s boys vs. girls.

When comparing the differences between how boys and girls get ready for this big night, they’re practically polar opposites.

Tuxes and dresses.

Boutonnieres and corsages.

Dress shoes and heels.

Fifteen minutes or three hours.

Like Hannah Enciso, most girls hope to take the simple and inexpensive route.

“I bought an old dress from my friend Cassie who graduated last year so I didn’t have to worry about shopping this fall,” Enciso ‘19 said. “It only cost $90, but she put a corset in herself after she bought it. As for makeup and hair, my mom is probably going to pay my best friend $20-30 to do it, and for nails I’m just going to paint them myself because I don’t feel like spending money on acrylics for just one night.”

With an endless checklist for this eventful evening, an inexpensive budget isn’t always obtainable.

“My hair and and makeup appointment is at 11:30 and 12:30, then I’m just going to go home and wait until homecoming starts,” Angelina Curtis ‘21 said. “My dress was almost $300 and hair and makeup is about $60 each.”

For most guys, they only require a heads up, a quick purchase of a tie, and they walk out of the door fifteen minutes later.

“I will probably take 15 minutes to get ready, it doesn’t take that long,” Alec Lindecker ‘18 said. “I am just using clothes I already have, but buying a hot pink tie to match Sydney’s [Harrison] dress.”

On the other hand, guys like Johnny Verellen, spent more than a few dollars.

“I am buying a tuxedo because it is senior year so I want to go all out,” Verellen ‘18 said. “I did this deal where it was five tuxes for $500, but it expands throughout my lifetime. I am buying 1 of the 5 for this homecoming and instead of paying the full $250 I got it for $100 because of the deal I got. As for getting ready, I just need 20 minutes, a shower, and a teeth brushing and I’m all set to go.”

Obviously, boys and girls differ significantly when it comes to homecoming. Girls don’t only worry about the price of their dress and hair and makeup appointments, but so many other factors as well. For example, shaving their legs, painting their nails, plucking their eyebrows or freaking out about any last minute pimples. On the flip side, if girls didn’t make a hair or makeup appointment, they then try to make everything perfect the first time. There is not time for do-overs. No doubt about it, guys seem much more relaxed than girls on this one.

It’s well known that boys and girls differ in practically every aspect of life. Sad seniors, nervous newbies, and everyone in between attend homecoming. The night remains a different experience for everyone. How to prepare for that experience, however, comes right back to boys vs. girls.

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