Isabella Capanda ‘19: Homecoming. What some call the most exciting event of the school year. Student council pours in endless hours and untold amounts of effort to make this occasion flawless. For the 2017 Homecoming, the student council has chosen Hollywood as the theme.

“I’m excited for this year’s theme,” Madison VonHiltmayer ‘18 said. “When choosing topics it’s difficult to find four different ideas for each grade when you have a broad topic. With Hollywood, we can have a variety of different things. I’m really excited for the t-shirts too because they’re really cute.”

As tradition goes, each class representative chose which movie their class would represent on the class. Freshman took Toy Story, Sophomores got Alice in Wonderland, Juniors chose Up, and Seniors decided on The Wizard of Oz.

“I’m a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, so I think it’d be fun,” said Nicolette Kleinhoffer ‘20. “I’m looking forward to this year more than last because there will be more possibilities for us to express our imagination on our float.”

In a recent poll (of 167 students) only 36% of students said that they liked this year’s theme, the other 64% said they weren’t a fan.

“I voted for superheroes [in the Twitter poll] so I was kind of upset,” said Rose Pirau ‘19. “Since the theme is Hollywood, I thought that it’d be a more diverse selection of movies than just Disney and Pixar. I mean, there was a Disney selection on the Twitter poll. If they were just going to pick Disney movies, then why not have the theme be Disney?”

Everyone has a different opinion on why they like or dislike the theme. While some just don’t like it, others have no clue what the homecoming theme means.

“I like the theme, but I wish it was simpler,” said Ibrahim Maghaireh ‘21. “Hollywood is complicated and I’m not sure what it means. I’d like it if it was something easier, like Under the Stars.”

Each theme makes the year’s homecoming season unique. Whether you like the theme or not, it’s up to you to make this year great.

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