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Maxwell Lucci ’16 – A new school year brings change from the colors of the trees varying from green into new oranges and reds. The air gets cooler and the nights get shorter. One of the nights we all look forward to is homecoming. Homecoming is a time for guys to make a move and bring a relationship to the next level. However, this means an over the top proposal in order to impress your girl.

With sweaty palms, with goosebumps racing up and down both arms, and with heart in hand, we ask our girls to homecoming. This brief conversation brings side effects of awkwardness, stress and an empty pit in your stomach growing in size the closer you get to saying those 7 cheezy words “Will you go to homecoming with me?”.

Homecoming proposals should be sweet, simple and meaningful. Girls will expect a huge broadway ask but this is unnecessary. Girls blow things out of proportion, especially when it comes to homecoming. When asking your girl keep it simple, no matter what people tell you. Asking with something simple like her favorite food or a couple of flowers is definitely the way to go. You need to let her know shes lucky enough to have a date.

If you’re in search of the perfect way of asking don’t turn to social media. Everything on twitter and instagram is written by women and are all over the top. You should sit back and think about what makes your girl truly smile than use this valuable information to ask your girl. As long as its something that makes her smile it will never be too simple. A couple of ideas are her favorite food or drink, your common 12 roses, or a note expressing your compassion and ending with a well written ask. The complexity is not what matters its the meaning behind it and smile it brings her.

She said

Alayna  Demetrakeas ’16 – As her alarm clock screams, she glances over; noticing it’s 10 o’clock in the morning, she doesn’t hit the snooze button. Rolling out of bed, she’s hit with a sudden realization: its homecoming day. Walking downstairs with a smile on her face, she finds her mother waiting for her, ready for a day of craziness. They walk out the front door into the cold breeze of an autumn day, golden leaves falling all around her as she leaves to get her hair done.

Sitting in a hair salon, her eyes are closed tight, dreaming about how amazing her night will be; she wants to be surprised with how her hair turns out. Next stop, makeup. She’s turned around in the chair as teardrops fall from her mother’s cheeks, overcome with glee as she sees how beautiful her little girl is.

Finally arriving home, she slips into the perfect dress that she has been anxiously waiting to put on. Walking down the stairs, doing that strut she’s perfected in her four inch heels, a flash from her parents’ camera goes off. Now, she’s ready to take on homecoming.

…Waking from a dream that seemed so real, she realizes there’s one thing missing from that perfect night she has in her head: a date.

Every girl has a perfect way of being asked to homecoming. Some girls won’t mind being asked in a small, simple way, but most teen girls love being asked in a huge, dramatic fashion. They love the flashy, exotic displays that no one expects. They want the whole nine yards: the flowers, the giant signs, the giant groups of people to witness it all.

Some guys may not believe they are creative enough to come up with an idea to wow their special lady; however, there are plenty of ways they could get help. There are many pages on both Twitter and Instagram specifically made for homecoming proposals. There are tons of ideas showcased, with pictures and details to help every guy out there get a date to homecoming.

Most girls want everyone to see; if they aren’t already asked in front of a crowd, they will swiftly post about it on social media to show off and make sure everyone knows how they were asked. Of course, if they like you, most girls will say yes no matter how they are asked, even if it isn’t that cute or flashy.

Homecoming is meant to be a night to remember; one you reminisce about and look back on as one of the best times in high school. Yes, homecoming may be stressful, but at the end of the night when you’re laying in bed, thinking about the magical moments at the dance, you will dream about how much fun you just had.




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