Cambell Geibel ‘21: Homecoming, a tradition that originated in the early 1900’s, started at colleges as a way to welcome back alumni and celebrate the school. This celebration soon spread to high schools and grew into the event many students love today. The homecoming activities at Romeo High School include the highly anticipated football game, powderpuff game, and of course, the dance. This year’s homecoming festivities kick off on the week of October 21st, with the dance taking place on Saturday, October 26th. 

A lot of planning and decision making goes into the preparation for this special night.  In between the chaos of finding an outfit and figuring out the location and time for pictures and dinner, students also deal with the decision of who to go with. While some students choose to attend the dance with a date, others decide to go with friends instead. 

The more traditional path of taking a date involves more details and planning in some aspects, but some students find it more enjoyable than going with friends. Many of these students ask their date in a fun proposal, often done with a clever saying on a poster, which prompts a cute picture if the person asked says yes. Another fun part of homecoming for these couples includes deciding to coordinate outfit colors and getting their date a corsage or boutonniere.

“Going with a date is nice because of the fun stuff like matching what you’re wearing with what you’re date is wearing. I think if you go with someone you like or even just are friends with, it can make the whole experience more special,” Jasmine Tehansky ‘20 said. 

Some students consider attending the dance with friends the better option. Without the added dilemma of matching with a date, students going with friends feel free to wear whatever they want. These students also look forward to socializing with more people, rather than spending time with one specific person.

“Going to hoco with a group of your friends is a lot more fun because you aren’t tied down to one person and you can just talk and hang out with a lot of different people. I think it makes it less stressful,” Ryan Meldrum ‘21 said. 

With obvious advantages and disadvantages to each option, the choice ultimately depends on the individual person and what they want most. Whether going to the dance with friends or a date, the process of getting ready and the event itself proves well worth the wait. 

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