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From the Boys

It’s that time of year again.

Time for the most daunting challenge faced by high school guys today.

Asking a girl to homecoming.

Why is it so hard to get a date? It’s Homecoming, not Prom.

Why do we have to spend so much time and money just preparing to get a date?

Just for one night in a sweaty furnace that we call the gym.  And it’s not like we only get one homecoming once in a lifetime.

It happens every year of high school, Why is it such a big deal?

Not so long ago, it was easy to get a date to homecoming.  All we needed was a bouquet of flowers and a little courage.  Now we have to write it on the moon for an outside chance.

So if girls think they’re stressed about the dance, they should try coming up with a plan to ask us.

Girls’ expectations are getting way too high. Soon enough, a poster, chocolate, flowers, and a necklace won’t cut it. We’ll have to throw a concert, buy her diamonds, start a flash mob, and set off fireworks to spell her name in the sky

Don’t get me wrong, it’d be pretty cool if we could work that out, and we’ll give it our best shot, but just because we don’t have some flashy plan doesn’t mean we don’t care.

From the Girls

The flowers, the balloons, the elaborate decorations for that 10 letter word that everyone is just dying to see spelled out in glow sticks.

It’s Homecoming season.

Yes, us girls have high standards for how we get asked to homecoming, but it’s not like we expect the impossible. But if you could get “Homecoming?” written on the moon we wouldn’t object.

Girls are constantly trying have guys outdo each other. When we see a cute way of getting asked to homecoming we can’t help but want something bigger and better. It’s human instinct to keep up with the Joneses

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating 4 months or 4 years, whoever you’re going with better have a plan up his sleeve. Preferably one that involves a box of chocolate and a teddy bear.

Homecoming is more than just a night full of dancing.

It’s the perfect night, it’s the closest thing we’re ever going to get to a cinderella story.

Homecoming is a big deal to us, .we only get four of them.

It’s one night where you can dress up, just to sweat like an animal in the gym, but who doesn’t like the feeling of a fresh manicure and a new dress?

Getting asked shows how much you care. What great lengths you’ll go just for us.

It’s the thought that counts, but I would love a new puppy.


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