Seamans ‘24: For many, the holiday season remains one of the most cherished times around. Filled with tons of traditions and ongoing favorites like baking cookies and decorating the Christmas tree. 

Those that choose to celebrate this holiday also celebrate many different kinds of traditions. Both with their friends and family, celebrating the holiday season with beloved traditions brings everyone closer together. 

Lily Seamans ‘24, talks about her loved traditions that take place each Christmas. “Every year my family and I go to my grandparents house to celebrate on Christmas eve and each Christmas day just my family and I stay home and enjoy the day. We also get Chinese food for dinner,” Seamans said.  

As winter break approaches students get ready for all the yummy treats and fun activities that come with the holiday season. 

Ashley Hamilton ‘24 loves celebrating the holiday season with her family traditions. “We like to go see the Rochester lights every year and go out to eat in Downtown Rochester,” Hamilton said. 

Seeing the Rochester lights during the holiday season makes for a great tradition for families or friends to go and see each year. Decorated in bright Christmas lights, every downtown building lights up the whole street. A true beauty every needs to visit at least once.

Inspired by the Rochester lights, Hamilton decorated her room full of bright and colorful Christmas decorations. “I like to put Christmas lights in the windows of each of our rooms,” Hamilton said.

Everyone celebrates the holiday season differently, but all in their own unique and beautiful way. Happy Holidays everyone!

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