Lila Libby ‘22: The holidays have finally arrived! 

A busy time of year for everyone, people hustle and bustle to finish christmas shopping, students finish their last few weeks of school before break, parents prepare for the big day, and many holiday festivities begin to occur.

Even though this time of year becomes stressful and busy, there is always time to take a step back, relax, and spend quality time with family.

“My grandma and all my cousins get together every year and make sugar cookies using my great grandma’s recipe. We decorate them Christmas themed all together,” Ava Fawcett ‘21 said . 

Holiday traditions filled with making sugary sweets seems to be a common tradition among students, but each one holds something about it that makes them unique for each family.

“My family has a big party where we spend the night making hundreds of perogies and the night after we have a big cookie decorating party with friends and family,” said Nicolette Kleinhoffer ‘20. 

“My family makes monkey bread – a kind of sugary, caramelized bread in a ring. It’s great!” said Sam Lovell ‘21. 

Along with making hundreds of sweets to enjoy this time of year, there are also many attractions and places to visit and admire. 

“We go to Greenfield Village with my immediate family and look at the decorations, ride the train, and have donuts. On Christmas Eve, we look at lights. Rochester has good displays, but we go elsewhere too,” Lovell said.

Some students even travel far for the holidays.

“On Christmas Eve, we drive up to Port Austin to visit family,” said Kleinhoffer. 

Families participate in many holiday activities together, from road trips to staying indoors baking large amounts of delicious sweets. The holidays remain all about sharing a joyous time of year with the ones you love and spreading holiday cheer to the ones who need it. 

Turn up the christmas music, bust out the baking sheets, and grab your Christmas lights! The holidays have arrived and students around here sure know how to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

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