Giovanna Ruffino ‘19: As Thanksgiving approaches, crazy busy shopping for the best holiday deals arrives. Stores advertise weeks before Black Friday to reveal their special deals, and this allows people to prepare well and early for their shopping list. Most participate in a special tradition on black friday and everyone approaches the crazy holiday shopping season differently.

Online shopping become increasingly popular and prevents a trip to the store. Parents, like Mrs. Kelly Roulo, cannot bring their kids with them on black friday, so online shopping creates a peaceful way to shop.

“I do all of my shopping online for my kids and family instead of going out to the stores amongst all of the crazy people,” Roulo said.

When the Black Friday deals begin, the girls get ready and prepare to go shopping right away.

“Every year I go out around 12 a.m. with my sister, I always shop for my family and friends,” Macy Timoszyk ‘19 said.

Teenage boys approach black friday with a different mindset. They dislike the crowded atmosphere and usually find shopping not enjoyable at all. As such, Boys don’t worry about shopping on Thanksgiving for Christmas presents.

“I am not going shopping, it’s way too early for me to buy christmas presents,” Patrick Vinckier ‘19 said.

Black Friday deals create a great way for everyone to prepare for Christmas season. However, teachers and students all complete their black friday shopping differently. Parents now shop online, girls love the midnight trip to the mall, and boys decide to worry about Christmas presents at a later time.

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