Abigail Price ‘20: With fall officially here, things begin to heat up in Romeo. As people swarm local cider mills and Tilson Street, the high school students begin to prep for homecoming. Homecoming falls later than normal this year, giving everyone more time to plan what to wear, make appointments, and ask their date to homecoming. In the weeks prior to the dance, students anticipate who asks who amongst the classes every year. More goes into the special “ask” than imagined. The guys spend hours of their time making sure their hopeful date will love it, and the girls anxiously wait for their homecoming proposal. 

After winning his football game against Dakota, Jayden Roberson ‘23 asked Katherine Lillie ‘23 with a Dan + Shay sign. The sign read “I know you’re gonna make me speechless, so can I have you all to myself at hoco,” a play on words from popular Dan + Shay songs. 

“I know she loves Dan + Shay, so I thought it would be the perfect way to ask her,” Roberson said. 

When the game concluded, the whole freshman team got in a circle making an aisle down the middle for him to walk to her. He held the sign and handed her flowers. 

“I said yes and gave him a hug,” Lillie said. 

Sophomores Jozef Modlinski ‘22 and Reese Carmody ‘22 also look forward to attending the dance together. Modlinski surprised her at her house with a cute sign and flowers. 

“I was waiting for the right time and eventually just did it,” Modlinski said.

Pondering through ideas, he eventually came up with the idea all by himself. With some help from his mom, the sign turned out perfect and Carmody loved it. 

“I was very surprised when he asked me and I, of course, said yes,” Carmody said. 

Milan Krstevski ‘21 asked his girlfriend Bailey Baker ‘21 in a unique and delicious way. Getting the idea from his friend Emma Enciso ‘21, he bought customized doughnuts to say “Hoco” on them. 

“I called Daddy’s Doughnuts asking them to customize half a dozen doughnuts to spell out ‘Hoco,’ Krstevski said. 

After the doughnut shop and his parents helped him plan the surprise out, he went to Baker’s house for the proposal. She just came home from Knoblock’s Barbeque when Krstevski showed up to her house. 

“I was not expecting it because he said he was coming over to pick up his red football jersey on a random Wednesday night,” Baker said. 

For their final homecoming, senior Abraham Mayfield ‘20  asked his girlfriend Breanna LePage ‘20 for one last time. Perfect for the haunted homecoming theme, Mayfield surprised her with a Halloween themed proposal. 

“He came with pumpkins and a sign that read ‘Carve out a night at homecoming with me’,” LePage said. 

Mayfield came up with the idea by himself and received help from his mom on the sign. He set the proposal up outside her house and planned on how to make it a surprise for her.

“I asked her to go get ice cream to get her to go outside,” Mayfield said. 

These freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, along with their classmates, all look forward to the homecoming dance this Saturday. As the seniors experience the bittersweet feeling of hitting the dance floor for one last time, the underclassmen anticipate the years ahead of dances and future homecoming proposals.

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