Rachel Peil ‘22: The last game of any sports season leaves a bitter-sweet taste. Excited underclassmen prepare for their last game of the season, while seniors reminisce about all the memories they’ve gained while playing for the bulldogs. 

Varsity Hockey competed in Regional Semifinals, which ended up being their last game of the season on Saturday, February 29, against Port Huron Northern.

Unfortunately, the bulldogs lost by a score of 6-1. 

Despite not ending the season how the team expected, there’s no doubt that the 2019-2020 Varsity Hockey team had quite a group of talented seniors, including Colin Dempsey, Cameron LeBoulch, Anders McCulla, Nathan Phipps, Gavin Skinner, Michael Szlag, Nathan Racz, and Austin Young. 

Speaking of talented seniors, Gavin Skinner ‘20 looks back on his three years playing for Romeo with many lifelong memories and accomplishments. 

“It has been a great time and experience filled with lots of fun and good times. I won rookie of the year my sophomore year and leading scorer award my junior year. It was a great time with lots of memories,” Skinner said. 

Senior, Anders McCulla ‘20 played since his sophomore year, and was presented with the opportunity to become captain his senior year. 

“I was honored to get chosen to be captain because I feel like I’m well liked around the locker room and a good leader.” McCulla ‘20 further added, “Playing in my final game was sad because I’ve been playing my whole life, but I’m glad I got to end it with a great group of guys around me.”

Finally, this year’s sophomores return as juniors, juniors return as seniors, and the cycle continues. As each year’s class moves on, no matter where they go, they will always represent our school with that everlasting bulldog pride.  

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