Jenna Knepper ‘21: Romeo High School includes a variety of electives where students get to choose extra classes tailored to their interests and passions. Romeo utilizes the many talents their students carry by providing opportunities for them to create and sell their artwork at local romeo art center, Starkweather.

Mrs. Joe, an art teacher at Romeo, partners with Starkweather this year to give her ceramic students an enriching chance to sell some holiday art pieces that not only benefit the art studio, but give aspiring artists the chance to experience the business aspect of selling art.

“The idea behind this project was for students to understand the business behind making and selling artwork. They would understand how to work for a target audience and how commision works in the real world.” said Mrs. Joe.

The student made ceramic work sells with many other artist’s work at Starkweather Art Center’s Holiday Market. This Holiday sale runs every Thursday to Saturday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Ending after christmas, starkweather’s Holiday store remains stocked with handmade gifts for loved ones. 

“The students worked hard to make their creations but they also learned that in business, you don’t make one hundred percent of the profit.” said Mrs. Joe.

A senior at Romeo High School, Chelsea Smith, participates in selling her ceramic work at the holiday market and enjoys the experience it brings.

“I made holiday ornaments for the starkweather holiday market. I was really excited knowing my art was going to be in someone’s home and go on their tree” said Smith.

Starkweather’s mission highlights the community atmosphere of Romeo and works to maintain its many valuable aspects.

“Our mission statement is to promote and foster the appreciation of the arts and artists and to support the preservation of the character and quality of life in the historic village of Romeo” said

With the frenzied activity christmas brings, students learn how to market and sell their hard work and the romeo community gets the chance to purchase their creations for loved ones.

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