Jessica Kitchen ‘22: Romeo High School, divided into three academies: HHP, BEI, and DEM. The HHP academy contains the largest number of students with 432 students, 118 of those concentrated in the health pathway. The pathway currently focuses on emergency medicine, but plans on expanding in the years to follow.

The current classes offered include Emergency Medical Responder, Medical Sciences, and Emergency Medical Technician. 

Emergency Medical Responder or EMR teaches students the basics of first aid and life support. They cover multiple skills such as anatomy and physiology, first aid skills, obtaining patient history, CPR, transporting patients, and how to respond to different emergencies. Students taking this class become CPR certified and generally take it during junior year.

Medical Sciences, the class, teaches students anatomy and physiology, healthcare delivery systems, workplace safety, infection control, communication, medical law and ethics, technical skills, patient status and wellness. The class focuses on how the medical field works, rather than a specific career. 

The Emergency Medical Technician program allows the students to become certified EMT’s. Students expand on skills and knowledge initiated in their tenth and eleventh grade years. They use clinical experience to build on their classroom work and really dive into the world of emergency medicine.

“All of the classes in the health pathway are considered career-technical classes that focus on career exploration, professionalism skills, as well as technical skills specific to the healthcare field in which students may be pursuing degrees and jobs in.  The knowledge and skills they are learning in the classes can directly apply to what they would expect to see as a medical provider or as a patient. We are excited that next year we are offering a Certified Medical Assistant course for our senior students. In future school years, we foresee even more opportunities to expand our course options with possible classes like Veterinary Sciences and Medical Terminology ” said Janelle Lie, one of the health instructors.

Students respond well to the classes offered. As interest grows in the pathway, more opportunities arise. Every few weeks a health professional comes in for lunch and teaches about their career. Some of the professionals invited include a nurse educator, orthopedic surgeon, and opthamologist. 

“Part of the reason I chose EMT was because I’ve always known I wanted to be a doctor. It has so many opportunities. Actually because of this program I got a co-op with Dr. Gould’s Internal Medicine, so I’m working as a medical assistant there. I take vitals and scribe, which is taking notes for the doctor. It really rounds out my education and gives me a head start on what I eventually want to do. There are so many opportunities to get a head start and a leg up on everyone else,” Brooke Bennett ‘20 said. 

Romeo’s health pathway holds immense opportunities for it’s students and prepares them for their future careers. 

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