Cambell Geibel ‘21: An emphasis on teamwork, community, and goal-based learning proves a major objective of the academies at the new high school. Hoping to implement these ideals, the HHP came up with a challenge for the students in their academy. Last week, students in the HHP academy, Health Human and Public Services, received an email from their academy team introducing a new incentive for students to show up on time and be present in their classes. They plan to hold monthly success raffles, to reward students for good behavior with prizes.

“We will be giving away prizes each month for students who finish the month with no tardies, no unexcused absences and no discipline referrals. Students who qualify, hopefully all of you, will have the opportunity for food cards, gasoline cards, movie tickets, Amazon cards or Homecoming and Prom tickets etc,” the email stated. 

The HHP hopes this opportunity increases the punctuality and responsibility of their students. Their main goal, to acknowledge the students doing positive things like good behavior and hustling to class, shows the dedication the teachers and leaders in the HHP academy possess. 

“We believe it is very important to focus on recognizing the students who are working hard, which we also do through school wide activities like Student of the Month,” James Ellis, Assistant Principal, said. “There truly is a significant link between being in class and being successful. Taking time away from the teacher and missing what is happening in the classroom will definitely negatively affect the student. Especially with the new academies where there are a lot of projects and group work, it is important to be here for yourself and for your peers.”

The first winners of the raffle included the following students: Kaitlynn Sullivan ‘20 who won 25 dollars to Buffalo Wild Wings, Jenna Berridge ‘21 who won 25 dollars for Amazon, and Carlyn Shango ‘22 who also won 25 dollars for Buffalo Wild Wings.

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