Morgan Brown ‘17 – Christmas break is a time for relaxation, a break from endless amounts of homework and studying. The stress of the school year disappears when loved ones gather for this special, highly anticipated holiday. However, the pause in students’ busy schedules is almost immediately followed by panic: midterms are in just a few weeks.

After two weeks of distraction, placing focus on more important things than science homework or an English test, students tend to forget information learned before the break. This lapse in memory expresses the need to not only finish planned class curriculum, but also to review previous content.

“We should learn what’s on the midterms before break,” Lauren Leutze ‘18 said. “We can study the things we’ve learned over break instead of having to cram it in afterwards.”

Teachers should make an effort to finish their curriculum before break, leaving students with the opportunity to create study guides and review material. Rather than scrambling after two weeks out of school, the time could be spent going over essential knowledge and asking questions about confusing areas.

Some students who are passionate about their grades approve the idea of having midterms before Christmas break.

“I feel like my grade drops because of the break,” Paul Arnold ‘16 said. “If we had our midterms first, it would make getting back to school after break a lot easier.”

Without the worries of important tests, which make up 20% of semester grades, waking up on Monday morning to return to school would not be as stressful. Classes would not be as rushed, and students would not feel panicked, but instead content to be back in school.

Even without changing the dates of midterms, efforts could be made to squeeze in curriculum before break, rather than slowing lessons to accommodate the busy holiday season and distracted minds of students.

Students should be allowed a significant period of time for studying and should be given the opportunity to review over Christmas break.

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