Morgan Brown ‘17, Sarah Spuz ‘17 – As kids get older, picking out a costume, knocking on doors to obtain piles of candy, and simply embracing Halloween becomes less fun. As teenagers grow up, the relevance of the holiday dwindles, and people choose to make it a normal night. However, there are a few students at RHS that still celebrate Halloween traditions.

Hannah Merriman ‘17 and her family spend months every year making Halloween decorations, creating corpses out of paper mache and old graveyard gates out of styrofoam. Merriman described the process of dressing up a small mannequin to look like a young corpse, staining an old Salvation Army dress with tea bags and applying their own makeup to create a vintage, frightening effect. After a day of setup, the outside of Merriman’s house looks like a nightmare.

“We just decorate for fun,” Merriman said. “We like to mess with people.”

Sukhmani Bal ‘19 believes that Halloween is different from any other holiday, appreciating the pieces of candy thrown into her pillowcase. She makes an effort to apply her own makeup each year. Hours spent in front of the mirror result in the perfect costume, and a transformation into someone else. She believes that every student should experience the ability to imitate someone they admire.

“Every kid should have the chance to be what they want to be,” Bal said.

Zachary Dering ‘17 and Daniel Grudzinski ‘17 embrace this chance, putting together their own costumes this year. Using clothes from Salvation Army, the pair will pose as “Two Wild and Crazy Guys” from the TV show, Saturday Night Live. Marching down Tillson Street they will join the horde of students seeking an unforgettable experience.

“It’s a great community experience,” Dering said. “You see a lot of people you know, and their costumes can be an accurate reflection of their creativity and personality.”
Although the popularity of Halloween seems to decline throughout high school, some still love the holiday enough to spend weeks in preparation. Halloween provides a thrilling community experience to dress up and enjoy sweets, making it a truly unique day of the year.

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