Parrinello ‘23 and Rilley ‘23: Halloween in Romeo, a time like no other; business at local apple orchards flourish, locals tour haunted attractions, and our very own Tillson Street attracts thousands of people from all across the state. 

Kayla Thomas ‘23 knows exactly when Halloween time rolls around in her household. As her mother fills the house with pumpkins and other autumn decorations, the sense of this very spooky season begins.

Scarefest Scream Park

What’s not to love about Scarefest? With the Hayride of Doom, Forest of Darkness, Terror Zone Maze, and certainly you won’t forget about Castle of The Dead! The Scarefest Scream Park located at 28 mile road, Lenox Twp, Michigan offers all those and more creating a variety of different feelings. You experience all the emotions from giggling about how funny the fake cobwebs look to almost peeing your pants from chilling characters you see face to face that you wished stayed in your nightmares. This scream park creates for an amazing night filled with laughter and screams. It sure to keep you up at night so this park excludes the faint of heart. Scarefest starts on the 17th and follows up with every Friday and Saturday of September and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of October. Make sure to make a stop at scarefest if you want a spooky and fun Halloween.

Blake’s Big Apple Haunted Attraction 

Apple orchards create endless traditions from generation to generation. But what about a haunted apple orchard? That’s not something you see every day. But, in Armada Michigan, you find just that in the form of Blake’s Big Apple located off of 34 and Romeo Plank, an apple orchard that becomes haunted when the sun sets. They supply everything from haunted houses to haunted hayrides. Even if you aren’t into the scariness they contain options for you to blast the creatures from your nightmares in the form of zombie paintball. Blake’s includes attractions for all ages, supplying amazing hours of scary fun with family, friends, or just yourself. The haunted apple orchard continues to create memories for everyone and attracts great crowds every year, so make sure to get there early to start some haunted fun. Blake’s Big Apple stays open all year but sadly it’s haunted attractions only open on Friday Saturdays and Sundays from September 18th till October 31st. So, make sure to make a visit and make some memories.

Terror on Tillson Street

Tillson street, located in downtown Romeo, became known as one of the best Halloween destinations in the Macomb area. Not only that but also attracting hundreds if not thousands of people from all parts of Michigan. The road, stretching about 2 blocks, becomes filled with a great deal of visitors around this time of the year for one reason only; the amazing Halloween decorations. The houses, decorated from top to bottom with scary scenes ranging from clowns to skeletons trying on dresses and everything in between. These house owners decorate their home during the early month of October, which makes the small town of Romeo become an amazing destination for all visitors during the fall season. Tillson Street never confirms a set open date but if you drive down and see the decorations you know it’s Halloween time in Romeo.

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