Austin Taseski ‘21: Wednesday, November 13th, signing day for college athletes took place at Romeo High School.

Haley Golembiewski ‘20 signed to Ferris State University’s women’s soccer team as a goalie. 

The Ferris State Bulldogs, find themselves with a record of 13-4-2 this season and improve consistently. Golembiewski is excited to continue her high school soccer career, as she plays one more season with the Romeo Bulldogs this spring. 

“I got a scholarship for this school and I like their educational program and especially the on campus feel,” Golembiewski said. 

She strives to be a teacher, which is why she chose a major in education. 

Golembiewski is very impressed at the programs Ferris offers. Those programs remain a key factor in her decision to sign to the school.

When asked about her initial college options she pointed out Grand Valley State university. 

“Grand valley was my original top choice, but I really like the actual feel of the Ferris State and the soccer program. The team also made an impact in my decision,” Goelmbiewski said.  “Starting to train with the team and bonding especially at the next level is what I’m looking forward to.”

Golembiewski looks forward to the many memories she plans to make at the next level. Suiting up for the bulldogs one last time this year, we wish her luck in her upcoming season and the future. 

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