Riley Paxton ’16 – Opinion

If you’ve stepped into one of Romeo High School’s bathrooms, you know. It’s not a very nice place. The plumbing is atrocious, the stalls are in disrepair, and nobody cares a bit about cleanliness. When the first students step into the bathroom each day, the floor is spotless, and every toilet is clean. But by days end, the floor is covered in garbage and there is guaranteed to be more than one clogged toilet.

That shouldn’t be happening.

The sinks are in disrepair. You push the button and the water starts running. You let go of the button so you can wash your hand and the water turns off immediately. You can’t get your hands clean for the life of you! To make matters worse, the water is either scalding hot or frigid cold. Then, once you’ve washed up as best you can, the dryers on the wall blow barely enough air to feel, let alone dry your hands with. It saves trees, but it sure is annoying.

How can anyone feel comfortable in a bathroom where everyone can see you? I appreciate my privacy when I sit on a toilet and I will not tolerate a door that just won’t stay closed. The lock on the door doesn’t work and the stall door just swings open leaving you open to the world.

The bathrooms at the RETC are a step up, but by no means perfect. The faucets are easier to use, there is paper towel, and there is no problem with the stall doors. But even they are a disaster by the end of the day, so much so that in years past, students had to sign in to use the restroom.

But at the end of the day, the ones responsible for the poor quality of the bathrooms are us. The students. The wads of toilet paper that seem to find themselves in every corner of the room. The constantly overflowing toilets. It’s as if students have forgotten how to use a restroom. These are our facilities, and the only people we hurt by trashing them is ourselves. Maybe if students actually made an effort to keep the bathrooms somewhat clean, the school would return the favor. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s been  problem for years but some kids just can’t seem to control themselves. To that, all I have to say is this: Grow Up

Graphic by Maddie Geffert ’14 – Graphics Editor

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