Abigail Keller ‘16 – One of the community’s favorite and most beneficial St. Patrick’s Day traditions happened this past weekend. Founded in 1999, St. Baldrick’s is an organization that raises millions of dollars annually in an attempt to conquer childhood cancers.

With 54 teams and 444 participants overall, Romeo St. Baldrick’s raised a total of $254,190. Although falling short of the $350,000 goal the organization made, the community is still extremely proud of all it has accomplished.

A Romeo High School participant, James Pierce ‘16, raised $30 and shaved his head for the cause.

“For years I didn’t want to do it but since it’s my last year of high school I thought I’d do something different,” Pierce said.
Romeo continues to conquer all odds and amaze people with its generosity and love for others. In order to help reach Romeo and St. Baldrick’s overall goal, please consider donating on http://www.stbaldricks.org/

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