Sarah Spuz ‘17 – After months of dedication and countless hours of dance rehearsals. Sunday January 31st, Grease Live, the TV musical, aired on FOX. A lot of Grease fans, including myself, went crazy over this television special. Stars such as Vanessa Hudgens, Aaron Tveit, Julianne Hough, Carlos Pena Jr., and others showed their months of preparation by putting on a spectacular live performance.

The original Grease was phenomenal, and I honestly wasn’t expecting Grease Live to be a great homage to the original. After Jessie J’s performance of “Grease is the Word,” I was excited to see how these actors and actresses would put their own spin on Grease. The first musical performance, “Summer Nights”, was amazingly done for a live performance, a great way to get the audience excited for the next three hours.

The iconic dance number, “Born To Hand Jive” showed how much effort the cast put into their performance. When it came to the music, Aaron Tveit (Danny Zuko), did a wonderful job at reflecting John Travolta’s vocal style in the original film. But, in regards of pulling off Danny Zuko’s bad boy attitude, it seemed like he fell short in representing his rebellious personality. In contrast, Julianne Hough did a remarkable job of playing the innocent, goody-two-shoes Sandy.

Julianne Hough performed “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, a very vocally demanding song, wonderfully. Not only did her natural looks resemble Olivia Newton-John, but her singing was as impeccable as the original movie. Overall, I was pretty impressed on how they tried to keep the aspects of the original movie.

As a special guest, Didi Conn, the original Frenchie, was asked to portray the waitress at the local diner. The costuming exceeded expectations and compared phenomenally to the film.

Obviously, there were obvious differences between the live and original version. But overall, as a Grease fan, it was exciting to see these performances being successfully portrayed by other people. Even though the acting wasn’t as strong as their dancing and singing skills, they were still able to maintain the essence of the original movie.


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