Abigail Keller ‘16 – In December of 2015, the Effective Grading Practices Study Group met in order to improve the Romeo Community Schools Grading Standards for grades from 6-12. After two weeks, the committee finally reached an agreement on a new grading policy, along with other education improvements.

Starting this semester, the new grading policy will be 80/20, in order to assure a fair and accurate reflection of a student’s learning process. That is the only change that will be put into effect this year, but starting September 2016, other changes to the grading policy will be made.

“I don’t like the new policy now that we’ve had 90/10,” Isabel Tsafantakis ‘16 said. “I got used to not always having to do my homework.”

Starting in the fall of 2016, quarter grades will be eliminated. A semester grade will be weighted as 80% for the semester and 20% for the midterm/final exam. Also, there will be re-assessment changes made in order for students to be given multiple opportunities to improve their grade on assessments.

“I like it a lot better because it seems more equal and fair,” Marissa Onesi ‘18 said.

This information has been emailed to all parents of children attending the affected middle schools and high school.

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