Morgan Brown ‘17 — Romeo High School’s bond, which passed on May 3, 2016, addressed not only the crumbling condition of some schools in the district, but also the wear and tear on Barnabo Field. The home of several Romeo sports and other events, Barnabo Field will be torn up and replaced with a layer of synthetic turf.

On March 25th, from 3 to 6 p.m., Barnabo will host a final get-together for members of the Romeo community, who will have an opportunity to take a piece of sod home. The field will be open for three hours to walk around or toss a ball one last time, and hot dogs will be served.

“[Different activities] have happened on that field since the 1970s,” teacher and coach Mr. Couch said. “I thought some people might like to take home a piece of turf and plant it, just to say they have a piece of history from the field.”

Barnabo contains Romeo’s legacy. Thousands of feet have walked on the grass of Barnabo. Dozens of football players experienced their first and last game on the field. Hundreds of volunteers set up tents on the grass to fundraise for Relay for Life. Thousands of students ran out onto the field year after year to celebrate the school’s win, or to form a cancer ribbon for the Watchdog game. The field represents Romeo.

“A lot of kids, including myself, grew up going to that field on Friday nights to watch the varsity football team play,” Jackson Butcher ‘17 said. “I think Barnabo Field will go down in history and really be legendary. The field really demonstrates the type of team we are. To me, Barnabo’s natural grass shows that our team will play in any condition. Basically, it’s a gritty field, and that’s exactly what Romeo’s football team is: gritty.”

Goodbye to Barnabo’s fresh, gritty grass. The “last class on the grass” will miss you and keep you in their hearts forever.

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