BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘17 – On September 28th, a fundraiser for the Neufang family was created by RNews staff after the devastating fire earlier in the month. Donations ended on October 13th, and the community managed to raise total of $4250. The support for the Neufang’s did not only come from the GoFundMe, but from furniture and clothing donations as well. The family is truly moved by the efforts of people all around, enough to bring Mrs. Neufang to tears when she received the check.

“We’re all so shocked and touched and really surprised that people we don’t even know are donating stuff,” Bella Neufang ‘17 said, “The whole experience has taught us that the only things that matter are the people you know and who care about you rather than the stuff, because it can all be gone in a second.”

Romeo has been an example of this the importance of coming together as a community in a time of need. Whether it was close friends and family, or distant relatives and neighbors no difference is made. The community has proven that help does not only come from those you expect it from most, but sometimes from complete strangers.


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