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The Macomb Intermediate School District held their annual Global Trade Mission on November 19th-20th,  for a select group of students from schools all across the county.

At Global Trade Mission, students across Macomb county assemble to participate in a business-oriented competition. Participants are grouped into teams and are then asked to design a product or service to market to a particular region of the world. GTM intends to teach the students about how businesses expand and become global. Hannah Holliday (11) was a participant in this year’s event and was impressed with what she learned including how businesses use their resources effectively.

“The purpose is to get us thinking globally and to think beyond just America,” Holliday said.

Several Romeo participants were awarded hypothetical $1 million investments for their innovations. Katie Forro (12) and her group were awarded it for the development of a self-propelled solar panel cooler/cleaner for use in Saudi Arabia. Miranda Losey (11) and her group received  $1 million for the development of an aluminum rechargeable electric scooter for use in Italy, and Michael Shaddock (10) and his group for the development of a biomass generator fueled by organic material to be used in China.

While they didn’t win the $1 million dollar investment, Adam Nelson (11) and Andrew Barthold (12) both received the “Goal Driven” award, while Hannah Holiday (11) and her group were praised for their resourcefulness.

“Andrew Barthold and I were lucky enough to be in the same group. Our naturally enthusiastic personalities fed off of each other, and the award committee recognized that.

In addition to the 2 days they spent at the MISD, students who attended GTM this year were qualified to apply for the chance to attend a similar convention in China for 18 days.

“I think it would be a really good opportunity to go to China and visit all of its historical landmarks, as well as partake in a similar program as the one in Macomb County. The experience would look really good on my college applications,” Hannah Holliday said.

Students who are selected to attend the program in China will be notified in Mid December. The event will take place over spring break, and almost all of their expenses will be covered by those organizing the trip.

Photo by Ronald Leblanc


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