Ryan Medley ‘17: Glenn Morosco, the newest hall monitor and medication aid at Romeo High School is very excited for his newest opportunity. Enjoying his retirement, Glenn decided to pack things up from Florida and head up to Romeo.

Growing up in Hackensack New Jersey, Glenn attended college in Fort Myers Florida then became a firefighter for 27 years in Cape Coral, a city right outside of Fort Myers. Glenn was no ordinary firefighter, after nineteen and a half years into his career he became the Battalion Chief. A career such as that is filled with numerous stories and memories.

“Strict but fair.”

These three simple words from Glenn Morosco are exactly how he wants to be remembered as a Romeo High School hall monitor.

On his free time, Glenn enjoys baseball, reading, and playing the guitar. As a hall monitor, Glenn doesn’t expect much from the students just a mutual respect; this is a man that isn’t hard to respect, especially after learning he was a firefighter, in other words a hero.

“He is doing a great job so far and definitely a cool presence in the hallway and seems to always be down to chat,” Kade Messner ‘17 said.

Looking forward, Glenn does not see the finish line of this job anytime soon, and plans to keep going until he stops enjoying it.

“I love the tightness of this community,” Glenn said.

Hopefully all students take a second to meet this wonderful man. Embarking on his future at Romeo High School, we wish him nothing but the best.

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