Austin Taseski ‘21: The girls swim team played on Tuesday the 16th and on Thursday the 18th and came out with a win and a loss. On Tuesday, the Bulldogs lost to the Anchor Bay Tars of a score of 61.5 to 111.5. Even though they lost they took positives and came back on Thursday.

“Even though we lost I think we did very good compared to our other games and it’s good to take a positive out of a loss,” Mikala Motologin ‘20 said.

With a score of 97-67 the Bulldogs beat Warren Woods Tower high school.

“With this win our confidence has boosted up a lot and with more games coming up next week it’s a great confidence booster,” Motologin ‘20 said.

With a game against Utica high school on Thursday, October 25 at home, the Bulldogs accept the challenge and plan to battle for the victory.

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