Romeo High School girls’ varsity swim recently concluded their competitive season with a score of 6-4. All girls were excited to compete with other schools this year especially with the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases.

Julia Schneider’24 experienced up’s and down’s throughout the whole season, but everyone tried to make the best of things.“I really enjoyed this season and it was so much more fun with no COVID-19 restrictions. In the middle of the season I got really exhausted from school and everything so that’s when it was a little hard to swim, but overall the season was great. I had a really good time and I’m excited for next year”. Schneider said. 

The team dealt with many struggles, but pulled through until the end. Their perseverance showed and their hard work really paid off.

“We all contribute to our team’s success but I think for me I always got points in the 500 and 200 and I always tried to get the team hype before a meet, which, I feel makes us swim better when we are all hype and excited,” Schneider said.

The girls created an environment to make everyone feel comfortable and ready for their races, something they all found very important in a team setting.

Alice Shereda ‘23 talked about her favorite memories that the team and her made this season.

“My favorite memory overall this season was the whole team coming together when the league meet ended and we all were crying because it was the seniors last meet and they were such great captains and leaders this year,” Shereda said. 

Shereda and many others made so many unforgettable memories this season. “As far as continuing with girls swim I’d say I am continuing throughout my senior season then maybe swimming in college but not competitively,” Shereda said.

Although the swim season comes to a close, everyone at Romeo celebrates their success on a great season.

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