JP Hochstein ’14 – Sports

 Wednesday, September 25th, the girls golf team slipped past Utica with a score of 202-210. The bulldogs were led by Shelby Peters and Nikki Palmer who both shot a 50. With the win the bulldogs are now 2-4 on the season.

“Overall we played well and improved, before the season is over my goal is to shoot in the 40s.” Shelby Peters said.

The Bulldogs next match is Thursday at the Port Huron Country Club, the bulldogs will be taking on Port Huron Northern, and Utica . With a positive attitude, the bulldogs are in the hunt for their 3rd win.

Above: Swinging through the ball, senior Shelby Peters shoots a 50, in her 6th match against Utica at Greystone golf course. Peters is working towards her season goal of shooting a 40.


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