Megan Doyle ‘21: The Bulldogs faced their first opponent, Henry Ford Falcons, on Tuesday, January 21st.

The girls won 48-44 making their record 4-5 for the season.

The Bulldogs held the lead at the end of the first half as the Falcons offense worked to take the lead. 

As Romeo applied more pressure towards the Falcons, the Bulldogs were able to hold on to their lead in the third quarter.

Not long after, the Falcons energy doubled in the 4th quarter and gave the Bulldogs a challenge in taking the win.

The Falcons went over 7 fouls on the Bulldogs in the fourth quarter, which assisted the Bulldogs in grasping the win with them consistently making their free throws. 

Fighting hard on both sides, the Bulldogs were able to take the win. 

Junior on the team, Ava Muschong ‘21, was excited about the team’s accomplishment.

“It felt really good to beat the Falcons after losing to them by 30 the previous time we versed them. Everyone on the team played their hearts out and it made me happy to make my coach proud,” Muschong said. 

January 24th the bulldogs face Utica at Romeo High School hoping to come out with a record of 5-5.

Pic Creds: WBRW

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