Megan Doyle ‘21: Every year the girls basketball team has a night dedicated to the seniors as they finish their last season playing for the bulldogs. 

As the bulldogs season comes to an end, they played their final home game on Friday, February 28th, against the Cousino Patriots. 

The bulldogs won their special senior night with a score of 47-32 making their record 8-12 for the season.

Two of Romeo’s seniors Natalie Nowak ‘20 and Rose Konnie ‘20 both shared similar views on how they felt about the season ending. 

After the game, Konnie was proud of her team for how far they had come. 

“We all really started to come together and bond over these last few months. Everyone has improved so much and I am so glad I got to be a part of this program for these past four years,” Konnie said. 

The night radiated emotion for the sport itself and all of its hard work to be over, as well as the friendships that grew.

Nowak explains how being a part of the team created something special in her life.

“I never thought that I could build such great friendships with people that I had never meant before. Even though the season is over, the friendships and bonds that I have created in these past four years will never fall apart,” Nowak said. 

The bulldogs remain satisfied and ready to take on districts after having a successful final home game. 

On Monday, March 2nd the bulldogs face their first Oakland County opponent of districts the Clarkston Wolves at Waterford Kettering hoping to advance to the next game. 

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