Jenna Knepper ‘21: As the days in quarantine drag on, students create new and interesting activities to fill their time. Spring brings more outdoor opportunities and the kids from Romeo High School take advantage of these exciting adventures. 

With the cancellation of all spring sports for the 2020 school year, some students continue practicing their favorite activity. Romeo Junior Riley Ameel plays for the varsity tennis team at Romeo High School.

“I have really enjoyed playing tennis recently. It is one of my favorite activities and makes me feel better about not getting to play with the team this year,” said Ameel.

Senior Sydney Goodrich takes this time to learn a new hobby that not only she, but her whole family enjoys. 

“I started baking over quarantine because I was bored but it is actually really fun and now I love doing it,” said Goodrich. “My favorite things to bake are cookies, cake and brownies.”

Chelsea Smith ‘20 spends her time outside hiking, painting, and fishing.

“Going outside keeps me really busy. I try to get out of the house as much as I can even to just walk around,” said Smith. 

Some people learn new skills and others take time to improve the hobbies they already love. Alexa Hanaford ‘21 became a valued member of the Romeo Theatre Company her first year at the school and takes this extra time at home doing the thing she loves most.

“Recently, I have been writing lots of music and learning to play guitar. Music is my favorite thing to do in my free time, whether I’m listening to it or playing it myself,” said Hanaford.

Sarah Greb ‘22 and Aleda Miller ‘20 take a more adventurous approach to their new activities.

“My birthday was April 21st and I got a penny board. I have been learning how to use it and riding it a lot outside. It has been super fun and gets me out of the house,” said Greb.

“I decided to just sleep outside until this is all over. It’s been really nice out and I love nature. I am also sewing lavender pouches and learning handstands and my splits,” said Miller.

With a physical separation between friends, people become very creative in attempts to keep displaying their love and support for classmates. Emily Fesltow ‘22 organized three birthday activities in one week for friends.  

“I didn’t want them to feel alone on their birthday so I texted all of their friends and we drove by with gifts and signs wishing them a happy birthday. I just wanted them to have a good day even if they couldn’t spend it with others,” said Felstow.

New hobbies and creative projects become popular options among Romeo High School students. As people around the world await the lift of quarantine, students from Romeo continue to find new and exciting activities to entertain their family and fill their time in a safe way.

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