Katie Medley ‘20: As another school year begins and summer memories become past Snapchat and Instagram posts of: rocking out at popular concerts, going to huge parties, up north Michigan vacations, late night bonfires, 2 A.M. stargazing, tanning by the pool, sleepovers with friends and jamming in the car with the windows down, students begin the 7:24 daily grind recounting and reliving the endless laughter and memories they made over the summer while Chloe Lucci reminisces about her time in Haiti.

Meanwhile in Haiti, the average teen is searching for water, food, clothing, and other essential resources. As the teens in America dread another school year, potential high schoolers in Haiti wish they had the opportunity.

Chloe Lucci, a junior at Romeo High School, had a particularly interesting summer. Lucci spent her time this summer traveling across the world to Haiti on a mission trip, helping young children in need and learning about the culture.

Walking through the halls of Romeo High School, one can see Nike wearing teenagers, faces buried in their iPhones. Walking the streets of Haiti, the scenery is quite different. There are homeless people walking streets, littered with garbage. The people have very little education, very little food, no clean water, and little to none technology. The people in Haiti can be described as:

“Very poor, they tend to wear the same outfits,” Lucci ‘19 said. “The few children chosen to work with us [the mission] were always super excited and optimistic, even though they had struggles.”

The environment in Haiti is lacking in resources that the people need in their everyday lives. Because of this, they are very neglected, they are lacking basic nutrition and most do not have families or homes. They don’t receive the care they deserve.

“We mostly probably impacted their lives by loving and caring for them. Most children in Haiti don’t have people to care for and love them,” Lucci ‘19 said, “I wanted to do this because I wanted to make an impact somewhere in the world. When the opportunity arose through my church I thought it was a perfect chance to widen my horizons and travel to see how others lived, and also to help them.”

The students of Romeo live differ so much from the ones of Haiti. Many of us take what we have for granted, and that’s one lesson Lucci wants to bring back to Romeo.

“I want myself and my peers to be more aware of what we have; to be grateful for what we have in our lives and not take anything we have for granted,” Lucci ‘19 said.

Lucci enjoyed her experience so much that she plans on going back next summer with her friend, Taylor Demeere ‘19. Hopefully the students of Romeo will be inspired by Lucci and help her with her journey of making a difference in the world.

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