Abigail Price ‘20: On Tuesday, September 4th, Romeo district students attended their first day of school once again. Although the first day can often put butterflies in students’ stomachs, the freshmen get the worst of it.

Adapting to their new learning environment, the ninth graders have many fears and excitements.

“My biggest fear coming into high school was the teachers,” said Jacob Slomka ‘22. “I was scared I wouldn’t like them or work well with them. After a few days though I believe I was wrong.”

Despite Slomka’s fear, he and the rest of his class look forward to an exciting year. With events such as homecoming and football games quickly approaching, the freshmen anticipate the new events and friendships.

This year, however, the class of 2022 experiences high school in a new way– something none of the upperclassmen witnessed. The Academies at Romeo, promoted for multiple years, kick-started this fall. Ninth graders in the Romeo District began in their separate freshman center at the start of the 2018-19 school year, dividing them from the rest of the high schoolers. They recently committed to the unique academy design and will graduate in the new building.

“I’m excited to see how the academies work out,” Sarah Spitz ‘22 said. “It’s a different way to go through high school but I think it will be beneficial for our futures.”

After over two years of hard work and more building and academic remodeling underway, the students, the community, and the rest of Michigan sit on the edge of their seats waiting to see this new method of education in action. The freshmen look forward to the school year and the future ahead of them at the Academies at Romeo.

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