Cambell Geibel ‘21: On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the freshmen made the trip from the 9th Grade Academy over to the new High School to see the new building and learn about the academies. These students went on tours led by Link Crew and saw many demonstrations showcasing the different pathways.

“With my groups we saw all the different pathways we could go down and what it would be like for us if we chose said pathway. The first interactive one we encountered was the law enforcement one. We could get our fingerprints dusted and get handcuffed if we wanted, it was very interactive,” Kionna Dailey ‘23 said. “That was a nice way to see what each path had to offer from different classes.”

A main focus of the trip included showing them all of their options and what each pathway really encompasses. This visit proves crucial in order to prepare the students for when they make their decision next year. 

“I got to control a robot and competed against another kid’s robot, used a hammer to put nails in wood, saw my heart rate, and got lifted up in the health demonstration,” Logan Hart ‘23 said. “The trip helped to prepare me for next year because I now know all the academies and which one I want to go into, the DEM one.”

Romeo High School looks forward to welcoming the freshmen to the new building when they become sophomores, and helping them start their new journey on their individual pathway in their academy. 

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