Cambell Geibel ‘21: This year the freshman academy at Romeo High School participates in the charitable project, Soctober. This movement involves donating socks and other hygiene products to help those in need. Handed out at the end of October, the donations collected make a real difference to the less fortunate who struggle as the months grow colder and winter approaches.  

The movement first came to Romeo when Carsyn Boggio ‘22 saw a video about the project. Boggio came across the video on a youtube channel starring “Kid President”, a young boy who makes videos spreading positive messages to other kids. “Kid President” released the video explaining soctober and Boggio immediately became hooked on the idea.

“I saw the video about Soctober in fifth grade and decided to talk to the school about starting the project at my elementary school, then I did the same thing in middle school, and now high school,” Boggio said.

Boggio’s initiative to bring the charity to her school quickly spread to most of the schools in the Romeo community.

“This year is kind of special because it is the first year that every single school in the district is going to be participating in it,” Boggio said.

The project not only helps those in need but also serves as an opportunity to engage the different teams formed in the Ninth grade academy this year.

“We are doing it kind of like a competition this year and it’s between the three freshman teams, Quest, Discovery, and Expedition,” Boggio said. “Whichever team brings in the most donations is going to get points. Throughout the year we will do things to get points and we will see which team has the most overall”.

While the points aspect adds a bit of competition and fun to the charity work, the students in the freshman academy know that the meaning of Soctober goes much deeper than that. These students acknowledge the biggest reward of all, knowing that their contributions will positively impact Romeo families in need.


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