Isabel Tarnutzer ‘21: As Romeo Community Schools continues to adjust to the unprecedented times COVID-19 brought, small amounts of normalcy begin to return to school days. For example, students return to a full day schedule. Although a great step towards returning to full in-person school days, many changes still accompany the return to a full day schedule. Many of these changes accompany the return of at-school lunches. Such changes include social distanced seating in the lunchroom, assigned seats for students during lunch, and limited access to self-serve areas, vending machines, and microwaves. However, the largest change to lunches this year becomes the USDA’s extension of the SFSP waiver. This change means that all students receive one free breakfast and lunch every day until the end of 2020 or as long as funds allow. 

A blessing for students in Romeo schools and the community as a whole, the waiver allows more students to eat well-balanced meals as well as helping students whose families became deeply affected by coronavirus and struggle to afford meals on their own. Meals act as a fundamental building block of life, meaning this waiver will help many students and act as an amazing aid to those students unable to provide themselves meals and for all students in general. A wonderful aid that helps families across the community, the SFSP waiver will help to ease some of the difficulty and hardship of these unusual times.

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