Jenna Knepper ‘21: More than just a little town, Romeo creates an environment that draws people in. The warmth of the community and the friendly atmosphere creates some hidden gems among Romeo’s many buildings and restaurants. Well known to the streets of Romeo, Four Corners Diner showcases a family-friendly place to eat with friends and loved ones. As a family owned restaurant, the owners of Four Corners love the community Romeo provides. The opportunity to start her business in the heart of town made a dream come true for Mrs. Hutnick.

“We have owned Four Corners for about three and a half years. The restaurant name was picked when we first opened. We had a contest and opened it up to the community for what the name should be which resulted in over three hundred entries,” said Hutnick.

Even though the Hutnick family receives endless support from their friends and customers, it’s not an easy task to own a business.

“My days are crazy and hectic. Sometimes I get pulled in a hundred different directions, but that’s how I like to roll,” said Hutnick.

The family thrives on the loving community of Romeo and Mrs. Hutnick leaves a special place in her heart for the students of Romeo High.

“I love the high school, in the yearbook a few years ago, one of the students said ‘Our favorite hangout is Four Corners Diner’ and that just made me feel so good. That is what I was striving for when I opened this restaurant,” said Hutnick.

Reflecting the atmosphere of our special town, Four corners Diner creates a happy place to spend time with friends and family.

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