Ryan Nawrocki ‘18:

Some call it an epidemic…

Some call it the best thing to happen to video games…

All for you to judge.

Fortnite, the new battle royale game taking over the world on all platforms, starts with 100 people in a single lobby. With three different game modes, players can play solo 1v99, duos 2v98, or squads 1-4v96-99. The 100 players jump out of a bus, suspended in air, and pick a place to land on a large map. Once the players land, they pick up loot found on the ground and in treasure chests. Loot consists of guns, explosives, building items, and medical items.

Once the players set up their inventory, they fight to stay alive using many different strategies. An added challenge is the storm that shrinks and pushes players closer throughout the match. If a player gets stuck outside the eye of the storm for too long, they die.

The last player or team to survive, wins the game, otherwise known as a “victory royale.” Side effects of a victory royale include extreme excitement and what some describe as “a feeling you can’t put into words.”

“Fortnite is different from any other game,” Carson Burroughs ‘18 said. “The game is so unique and connects you with everyone. It is for sure one of my all time favorite games.”

Despite all of the talk spreading around the school, some students believe that Fortnite is not a problem, but a solution.

“Fortnite is not an addictive problem,” Adam Dix ‘18 said. “It is the best game in history and brightens my mood every time I play.”

According to extensive research, Fortnite is the best game to hit gaming systems worldwide and is changing the world for the better. Maybe the world doesn’t need politics or law enforcement, the world just needs a little Fortnite.

You can download Fortnite for your PC, Xbox 1/1X, and PS4/PS4 Pro for an unbeatable price of $0.00.

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