Charles Roth ’14 -Sports Editor

On Saturday September 21, in Bruce Township, the Romeo Varsity Football team and fellow community members helped restore the Goodrich Cemetery after it had been vandalized in late August.  Goodrich is not just a normal cemetery. Tucked away on a dirt road in Bruce Township, the cemetery is the resting place of many, with some who even fought in our country’s Civil War.  When Bruce Township Supervisor Richard Corey told Romeo’s head coach Jason Couch about what happened at the cemetery, Couch was quick to offer the teams help in cleaning up.

“The players were fired up to help out,” Romeo’s Jason Couch said.

Saturday morning started early. With rakes and levers in hand, the team and community members were ready to start the cleanup.  As the morning rolled on everyone was busy cleaning, painting, and doing anything they possibly could to lend a hand.

“It was truly amazing to see what can happen when a community comes together to help out.” Senior wide receiver Mitchell Pacitti said.

Amongst the crew were young children, the National Guard, various non-profit organizations, and many individuals who just wanted to lend a hand.  As the day went on the cemetery was looking better than it ever had. The fences were being painted, the headstones were being re-set, and the grounds were being planted with flowers.

As senior Mitchell Pacitti says, “It was truly amazing to see what can happen when a community comes together to help out.”

Above: Levers in hand, Romeo football players help lift fallen head stones at Goodrich Cemetery. “Surprisingly the headstones were really hard to move,” Mitchell Pacitti said. The bulldogs helped fellow community members restore the vandalized cemetery. Photo by Susan Brockman.


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