Nick Blankenburg ’16: With football playoffs starting tonight, the scene around the high school is exciting and different. Making the playoffs for 12 consecutive years, it is tradition for the players to do something different with their hair. The team this year bleached their hair.

“I like the tradition that the boys do throughout playoffs,” Breanna Olley ‘16 said. “I just wish it didn’t have to make them look like Eminem the rapper.

Bleaching their hair is not just a fun tradition, it unifies the team.

“It is very unique and a great tradition that builds brotherhood,” John Houbeck ‘16 said.

The Bulldogs play the back-to-back Division 1 state champions, Clarkston High School, at Dan Barnabo Field tonight. Being one of the most anticipated games in the state, the Bulldogs and Wolves know it is going to be a battle.

“I believe the bleached hair’s a scare factor for other teams,” Brendan Banach ‘16 said. “They look at us and think we’re all crazy.”

During the 2013-2014 District Championship, the Bulldogs lost 42-10 to Clarkston. The Wolves then went on to win the state championship, defeating Novi Catholic Central, 32-14.

“If we win this game we will put the whole state on notice,” Kade Messner ‘17 said. “I know my team and I will give it our all to come out victorious.”

Tonight’s game is a red out! Come out and support our Bulldogs as they start their journey to a state title!

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