Taylor Mueller ‘16 – “New Year, New Me!” is a common mindset for the first week, maybe two weeks, of January. Turning your eating habits around and getting a good workout in everyday seems easy the first few days of trying it, but most of the time this idea tends to get masked by the mid-Winter blues, as dreary weather and long months begin to drag on. It’s time to turn that cliche phrase around and instead forge it into a reality; and just in time for spring break. Here are a few key components that need to be understood before cutting the crap and hitting the gym.

1.) There is no such thing as a “10-minute Toned Stomach” or “Get YOUR Brazilian Butt with these easy steps!” First of all, results are never immediate when it comes to working out, and it’s going to take a little bit more than a few “easy” steps to get the booty of your dreams.

2.) Working out everyday is crucial when looking to get fit, but it’s even more important to maintain a healthy diet. Believe it or not, those running-out-the-door morning bagels and Mocha Ice Capps are not your friends.

3.) Dedication is key. Taking one day off of your sugar-sobriety gives you a higher chance of spiraling out of control, and being mad at yourself in the long run. If you’re going to start something, finish it! Keep in mind that in the end your body will be happier with you.

4.) Set goals for yourself, and write them down. Find a “Fitspiration” that does NOT include Candace Swaenpoel or the perfect Jen Selter, unless you think you can get their ungodly bodies in the next 3 months (hey if you can, more power to ya!). Decide what you want to work on, may it be abs, legs, or upper body, and don’t let it slip away.

5.) Lastly, do this for you. Nothing is more impressive than someone who is straight up confident in their own skin, no matter what their body looks like. Being happy with who you are shouldn’t depend on your thoughts when you look in the mirror, but many people perceive them to be one in the same.


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