Colin Rosni ‘16, Riley Murdock ‘15, Joelle Pfeil ‘17 – Imagine this: moving to a different country, leaving everything you know behind. Your family, your friends, your culture, your language. Now, you must adapt to a new life. It’s time to assimilate yourself into a new language, a new culture—complete with different types of clothing, food, and mannerisms—and new friends.

Meet Stephanie Hellemans (Belgium), Lucas Marquez (Brazil), Larissa Pereira (Brazil), Laura Uribe (Colombia), and Marek Zrzavecky (Czech Republic). They have decided to leave their homes and come to Romeo, Michigan to attend our high school for a semester. Here they’ll have the opportunity to join clubs such as the various sports teams and the theatre company.

“I came here to learn English and discover other cultures. I’m looking forward to the experience,” Hellemans ‘15 said.

Hellemans is staying with the same family as Uribe, so they will share this new and exciting experience together.

“We didn’t know each other before we came here, but we’ve bonded very fast since we started living together,” Hellemans said. “We both speak French, so it’s much easier to talk to her than most people here. We have the same hobbies, so we get along very well.”

Coming to a different country can be a startling experience, but these five students have gladly taken on the challenge. One of their biggest obstacles is the language; each of our new friends agree that it’s not as hard to understand the language spoken here as it is to speak it.

When asked what he’s most excited about, Marquez ‘15 said “Experiencing the culture, the people, and the details. People often forget about all the details that surround them.”

Of course, we at Romeo High are ready to give them a warm welcome. If you see them, make sure to say hello! They’d love to hear friendly words from their new community.

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